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Plastic Recycling: How it works

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Plastic Recycling has evolved into a live and viable worldwide marketplace. Industrial Recyclers has been helping clients for years develop recycling programs that yield positive monetary returns, as well as, reduce their overall impact from an environmental prospective. Gone are the days when companies took their scrap plastic to the landfill to decompose over the next million years. The world has asked companies to be accountable environmentally and we exist to help you with the task of streamlining your waste stream and tuning it back into dollars in your pocket. Contrary to popular opinion, NOT ALL PLASTICS ARE RECYCLABLE. Contact a member of our staff and we will help you determine if your scrap plastic is ready for recycling or if adjustments need to be made in your process that will correct the percentage of contamination. Our goal is to help our clients help themselves. Provide them with the knowledge and insight that will save them landfill cost and reduce any additional negative impact on the environment.

The following is a "mock" example of how most selling transactions would occur:

1. Contact Industrial Recyclers via our website and fill out our Sell Plastics form, phone or facsimile.

2. Have a detailed description of the material you are wanting to sell. Include material type, grade if known, quantity, color, location, packaging, picture if possible and desired price if known.

3. Our sales staff then examines the offer and checks to make sure that it is a viable one that makes economic sense for both the seller and the marketplace. Many offers that we get are not viable because the quantity is very low or the contamination in the material is too high. We will many times ask a seller to send us a small sample so that we can examine the scrap material and determine it''s value.

4. If we agree that the material has value, we then offer the seller a price based on a per pound rate including the freight cost. The weight of the material is determined by a certified scale at either our facility or a facility in route from the origin to our facility. For example; We agree to buy 40,000 lbs. of plastic pallets at a picked up price of $.20 per lbs. We receive a total of 38,500 lbs. total. So our check to the seller would reflect 38500 lbs. X $.20 per lbs.= $7,700.00.


The following is a "mock" example of a buyer inquiry and how most buying transactions occur:

1. Contact Industrial Recyclers Inc. via our website and fill out our Buy Plastics form, phone or facsimile.

2. Have a detailed description of the material that you are wanting to buy. Include material type, grade if known, quantity, color, desired price point, and delivery date.

3. We initially will check our inventory to see if the plastic is in stock at one of our facilities, if not we have a network of over 10,000 suppliers that we can access to see if we can locate the material for you.

4. We send a sample of the plastic material that you requested. We then wait for an approval and follow up within a few days so that you can do your due diligence.

5. If the material checks out and we agree on price, we then officially offer you the material, ask for a purchase order, deliver the product, and are paid within terms.

If you have any questions regarding how a plastics recycling transaction works, feel free to email us at or call 1-866-884-6772.