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Polycarbonate (PC) Plastics

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Polycarbonates plastics are among the strongest, toughest, and most rigid thermoplastics. In addition, they have a ductility normally associated with the softer, lower-modulus thermoplastics. They are transparent materials and resistant to a variety of chemicals. The creep resistance of these plastic materials is among the best for thermoplastics.

Applications: Typical applications include the following: safety shields, lenses, glazing, electrical relay covers, helmets, pump impellers, headlights, interior aircraft components, telephone switchgear, snowmobile components, boat propellers, and housing for hand-held power tools.

Polycarbonate Plastics Available

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
PC Makrolon 3258-1112 virgin clear w/color 1500 lbs MW, SE
PC Lexan 920A prime blue 3,260 lbs Southeast
PC GE Lexan 920-701 virgin black 1084 lbs Midwest
PC Bottle Grade PC Blue Tint regrind clear w/color 5000 lbs North Central
PC Lexan 153R prime white 3000 lbs North Central
PC Bayer Makrolon 2658 - 11 melt 17 izo prime clear 30000 lbs Midwest
PC Lexan 920 prime white 8580 lbs Southwest

Polycarbonate Plastics Wanted

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
PC GE Lexan HF1110-111 prime natural 4000 lbs all