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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastics

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Polyvinyl chloride is one of the world's most widely used plastics. Its acceptance comes from the plastics versatility - it can be utilized in rigid compound or blended with plasticizers to produce flexible plastic grades.

Applications: Almost three-quarters of rigid PVC plastic produced goes into building and construction applications. Most is processed via extrusion into products such as pipe, siding, and window profiles. Packaging is another major market for PVC plastic. Rigid grades are blown into bottles and made into sheet for thermoforming boxes and blister packs. Flexible compounds are made into food wrap. Other markets for PVC plastics include wire and cable coating, flooring, garden hose, and toys.

PVC Plastics Available

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
PVC Geon 86155 - flex virgin white 4014 lbs West Coast
PVC CPVC pellets Noveon 4911 virgin white 60,000 lbs East Coast
PVC Thermoform Roll stock prime white 42,000 lbs central
PVC AlphaGary 2212/7/118 virgin clear 74000 Southeast

PVC Plastics Wanted

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
PVC Window profile unknown regrind white, mixed truckloads unknown
PVC Geon M 3700 prime white 500-1000 lbs Midwest
PVC Flexible Widespec pellets natural truckloads Northeast